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Dallas Permitting Guidelines

Click the button below to be directed to the city website for full instructions and requirements on permitting a food truck or trailer. 

Just the Basics

Listed below are a few items that need to be considered for a permit from the City of Dallas. These are not the only items that are needed. Please click on the button above to be directed to the city website for full instructions and requirements. 


An approved and notarized commissary note is required for permitting. The truck or trailer must report daily to a commissary where it is stored, serviced, cleaned, and washed. The commissary also properly disposes of liquid waste and supplies potable water. It also provides a place for the trucks or trailers to be parked overnight. Please see City of Dallas Commissary link for further details. 

Plan Review

2 Sets of plans must be submitted to the city for plan review. Once plans are submitted, the review process typically takes 3 weeks for approval. Please refer to City of Dallas link for all design and equipment requirements. 


  • Plan Review Fee -             $562.00 (1 time fee)

  • Mobile Application Fee -   $481.00 (Annual)

  • Permit Fee -                       $185.00 (Annual)

  • Fire Permit Fee -                $

Other Items

  • Current Drivers License

  • Proof of 6-months Liability Insurance

  • Written Agreement of the property owner where vending including restroom access

  • Registered Food Service Manager Certificate

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