The North Texas Food Truck Association was created in 2014 by a group of food truck owner-operators with the common goals of educating the public about their industry and promoting the industry as a viable business model for new entrepeneurs.  The attempt to unify had happened at least 3 times prior, however all attempts fell short due to lack of follow through or disagreements on direction. Other groups or organizations exist, however they are primarily used as a marketing tool and have no official representation of trucks. The North Texas Food Truck Association is a recognized 501(C)(6) nonprofit organization that prides itself on a strict Code of Ethics that all members are bound by.




     We are a group of culinary entrepreneurs selling high-quality, diverse and exciting cuisines from mobile food trucks and other portable food vending facilities. We strive to promote our industry as a viable and beneficial business model, and to educate the public and government officials about our contributions to the community. By doing so, we hope to create new opportunities for existing local food trucks while also attracting high-quality new entrepreneurs to join this new and exciting segment of the food service industry.

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