Please read the following about our members and what you can expect by having them in attendance at your event. 





* composed of passionate owners & operators of food trucks that have committed to making this their career and livelihood.

* accountable for and held to higher industry standards than other food trucks

* known for being reliable, respectful, and reputable

* working an average of 12 – 18 hours a day more than 5 days a week

* going to create freshly prepared food

* currently the hottest trend and most desired food at festivals and events

* individual small businesses that have developed our own repeat customer base and your numbers will increase because of that


We are NOT


* the trucks you see at construction sites

* trucks that serve frozen or prepackaged foods simply heated up

* doing this as a hobby! This truck provides for us and our staff’s families…

* going to commit to your event and then back out due to a better opportunity

* showing up, selling food, and going home. On average there are an additional 4 – 8 hours we have to put in prior to and after the event to pull this off




Because of all the reasons you can see above, we are not your typical food vendor. We welcome the opportunity to be included in any event, however we simply don’t have the same margins as the typical food vendor/concessionaire you may be used to. Because of that, please realize the customary amount food trucks can contribute back to a promoter or event is 5 – 10%, depending upon the success of the event.



Accurately understanding, and conveying your attendance numbers and event history with us prior to the event are imperative so we know how to accurately prepare. Based on what you tell us we are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to prepare food and labor to make this a successful event, so it is not only frustrating but also a huge financial strain (that many cannot risk as a small business owner) when attendance is not as described.






* Will tickets be accepted instead of cash?

* If there are any plans of taking care of volunteers, staff, or VIP’s and you plan to offer them a coupon, voucher etc… we MUST be made aware of this no less than one week prior to the event in order to prepare both food & logistically

* Ratio’s should be 1 truck per 700-1000 people unless it is a food themed event, then you may want more.

* Similarity of trucks: opt for a variety and avoid two of the same or similar foods. For example, you wouldn’t want to have hamburgers and sliders, nor shaved ice and snow cones. If you will have a larger attendance, then perhaps both bbq & sliders or even cupcakes and shaved ice would be more suitable so it creates options and is not direct competition for vendors





* All food trucks and/or food vendors should be aware of who will be in attendance and what the other is selling with the only similar product allowed being >$2 items (drinks, chips, etc..)

* non-food vendors may NOT give away food or drink as part of their promotion


** If any vendor does not comply to the above it is promoter’s responsibility to cease the sale of such OR reduce fee percentage to offset lost sales **

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