Internship Opportunities

The North Texas Food Truck Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that exists to enrich and promote the regional food truck industry by serving our members and engaging the community. The NTXFTA has been fighting for food truck entrepreneurs and small businessesand today represents more than 20 members across North Texas.  

The FTA is experiencing an exciting time of growth from its beginnings as a small advocacy group into one of the leading food truck associations in the county with the FTA working to expand member benefits, introduce new programs and increase community outreach. The FTA continues our advocacy work by advancing policies that remove barriers to street vending, promote entrepreneurship and allow for an environment where food truck small businesses can thrive.




The NTXFTA offers hands-on and meaningful experience to help advance interns' academic and career objectives. Interns have the opportunity to meet and network with NTXFTA members, Board of Directors, other small business advocates, and local leaders in the food and beverage industry. 

Interns directly report to the Executive Director. Internships are three to six months in duration and can be part or full time. All internships are unpaid. 

Internships currently are offered in: 

  • Communications     

  • Development

  • Member Services     

  • Public Policy

  • Special Events




The Communications Intern assists in developing and implementing the NTXFTA’s communications strategies across program areas. The internship offers the opportunity to work across a broad range of channels and formats, including e-mail communications, earned media relations, public relations, social media, and website. Working with the Executive Director, responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing marketing and promotional strategies. 

  • Significant editorial work, including creating, editing and proofreading content.

  • A large amount of media monitoring and researching. 

  • Assisting with engagement of digital communication assets.

  • Tracking and reporting communications analytics, benchmarks and metrics.




The Development Program raises funds to support the FTA’s work as well as engages and grows our grassroots supporters. The Development Intern will have the opportunity to play a large role in shaping the program’s goals, strategies and techniques for the coming year. Working with the Executive Director, responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with engagement of community sponsors, including drafting regular communications and developing new marketing materials.

  • A large amount of researching prospective sponsors and assisting with outreach.

  • Maintaining and updating a database of sponsors and communications.

  • Conducting research into potential support from foundations and government agencies.

  • Implementing an expanded supporters’ program, including increasing opportunities to engage with the FTA. 




The FTA is a member driven and supported organization that places a high value on providing the best service possible to its members. The Member Services Intern works in all areas of membership with a focus on expanding and increasing member benefits. Working with the Executive Director, responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with developing new member benefits, vending opportunities and negotiating discounts and/or preferred status from vendors. 

  • Assisting with regular communications and engagement with members, including responding to inquiries and publications of the NTXFTA.

  • Developing membership materials, including FTA information kits, welcome packets and related collateral.

  • Organizing and planning regular FTA information sessions, socials and new-member orientations.

  • Assisting with maintaining and updating membership records. 




The Public Policy Intern works closely with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to advance the FTA’s legislative agenda by implementing multi-faceted campaigns that includes earn media, field activities, fundraising, lobbying, and social media. The intern will work in all jurisdictions where the FTA represents members with a focus on food truck policy in Dallas. Working with the Executive Director, responsibilities include: 

  • Monitoring and reporting legislative agendas and calendars in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Writing policy briefs for internal and external communications. 

  • Drafting materials such as sign-on letters to elected officials and lobby kits.  

  • Planning and coordinating outreach to elected officials.

  • Assisting with developing partnerships with community groups, businesses and residents.




The Special Events Intern works in all areas of planning and production of FTA events, including its two largest fundraisers: TBD & TBD. Events are among the foremost methods that FTA communicates its mission, is visible in the community, attracts new members and supporters, and raises funds. Working with the Executive Director, responsibilities include:

  • A substantial amount of logistics planning, including permitting, vendor and volunteer coordination, and transportation. 

  • Assisting with managing the budget and identifying ways to reduce event costs, including soliciting multiple vendor bids and negotiating contracts. 

  • Assisting with outreach and engagement with honorable event attendees such as elected officials, sponsors and celebrities. 

  • Developing event collateral such as exhibitor and vendor applications. 

  • Being a principal event manager the day of the event. 




To be considered for an internship candidates must be a current undergraduate or graduate student or have graduated within the last 36 months. 

To apply send a cover letter, resume and list of three references to Cover letter should include information about candidate’s availability and which internship he or she is applying for.




The North Texas Food Truck Association is an equal opportunity employer. No applicant shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, age, reprisal for engaging in anti-discrimination activities, protected genetic information, sexual orientation or parental status.

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